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McJunk was published by Dubdog as a hardback photobook consisting of over 65 full colour images and an accompanying essay by the author in 2011.

Extract from McJunk:
"Although I did not start this project until 2001, I can trace the origins of McJunk back to Canon Street, London, 1999. I can not help returning to a memory I have of a McDonald's restaurant being dismantled in front of my eyes. It struck me at the time, as I watched a group of Reclaim The Streets protesters, just how disposable everything about McDonald's was, right down to the storefront and signage that it took only minutes for approximately 10 people to deconstruct with their bare hands. As a metaphor, this was a powerful image. The dismantlement of the physical representation of this icon demonstrated to me the lack of sustainability and permanence that surrounds McDonald's. The store front that anti-capitalists ripped apart in a moment, I later reflected, mirrored food packaging cast aside by patrons; both storefront and litter were to become a temporary urban graffiti in my mind, strewn about town centres, the tag of the golden arches being the most permanent thing about the brand as it lodged in my subconscious."

ISBN: 978-0-9567146-0-2

McJunk is currently out of print.

All work © 2016 Nigel Ball